About Randy Gingeleski

Here's a list of statements that resonate with me and start to explain what I'm about.

I am a hacker. When faced with a system I attempt to beat it, achieve unintended outcomes, or at least strive for optimal strategy within the rules.

My "day job" is cybersecurity consulting for EY's advisory arm. I focus on software security and the automation thereof. Assuring government or Fortune 500 clients' security is a privilege.

Randy Gingeleski with fountain
October 2018

I am an entrepreneur. Outside my normal job, I try to set up money-making systems. Success varies. This blog is even an income stream - some recommendations yield a commission at no cost to you.

Sadly "entrepreneur" has become a dirty word online. There's a lot of clickbait or crappy content out to steal your attention.

Posts here about making money will be actionable or dense with real thought.

I am striving to improve. Trying to get better or build more each day. This can definitely apply to programming or selling but also means meditation, fitness, philosophy.

My interests are far and wide. I'm the only common thread in these blog posts. I might philosophize about blockchain then write about post-workout protein waffles.

I am a writer. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, I have an internal dialogue and need to write.

As a kid these were fantasy stories. My fingers would callus from penning fiction.

Somewhere along the way the stories became autobiographical. But - except for maybe my parents - I realize nobody wants to read about me all the time.

That's why I strive to make every post applicable to you. Distill some lesson from an experience. Recommend a product you might like.

Out of any writing outlet online, I care the most about this blog.

Randy Gingeleski with penguins
May 2017

Social media

Note I'm decreasingly active on social media. Current mindset is that it detracts from real life. To the extent its usage is only justified if it's business.