2010 decade in review

by Randy Gingeleski

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Here's the high-level story of my 2010-2019 decade.

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This blog started at the end of summer 2014 in its original form, now maintained at this old.gingeleski.com subdomain. So it’s only half a decade old and doesn’t capture all of what happened to me during “the 2010s.”

Or rather, what I was able to get done, as you can decide how much life will just happen for you.

This post attempts to gather the most impactful points of each year for me, back to 2010. Not all of it is flattering but, that’s life. Respect the transparency.

Writing while traveling
Also note there are no mentions of travel. At this point the volume I do makes it unremarkable (i.e. during 2019 I spent 91 nights in Hilton hotels). 🚀


  • Took high school computer programming class, won award for out-coding everyone else.
  • Continued being a video geek.
  • Tried to “get a job”, as some of my peers were doing, then got jealous because of lack of success in this department.
Randy Gingeleski in 2010
DG Media Group videos 2010


  • Started learning/doing computer hacking and other “white collar” bad stuff.
  • Spike of interest and success with girls/“partying”.
  • Got driver’s license.
Randy Gingeleski in 2011
Randy Gingeleski in 2011


  • Was arrested twice as 2011 activities came to a peak.
  • First went to therapy; forced to reflect on own thoughts, life, what’s important.
  • Graduated high school.
  • Burned the hell out of my arm.
  • Started college.
  • Moved from Syracuse to New York City.
  • Drinking/alcoholism reaches peak during this year then drops off through college; hardly ever drink now.
Randy Gingeleski in 2012
Randy Gingeleski in 2012


  • Did “marketing” internship for some sketchy people; networked my way into freelance web development work for their peers.
  • First time living totally alone.
  • First “bad breakup.”
Randy Gingeleski in 2013


  • Moved back in with parents for all-online semester of undergrad.
  • Took blackjack training class then spent summer working casino graveyard shift.
  • Started this blog and began working on “Ging Casino” project.
Randy Gingeleski in 2014


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  • Continued honing web development skills to build casino site.
  • Grandmother died, who I was very close with.
  • Graduated college (B.S. computer science).
  • Started two “real” software development jobs in upstate NY after successful interviews.
  • Juggled freelance development and security work on the side.
Randy Gingeleski in 2015
(Not blurring my sister’s face as this was published on my blog before)


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  • Realized opportunity cost of the job I was in, not enough challenge/excitement/stimulation.
  • Began further honing programming skills to jump for different job at a hyper-competitive firm.
  • Began “exercising seriously” with personal trainer (weights), rowing, running.
Randy Gingeleski in 2016


  • Get depressed after failing first attempt to get a new, fancy programming job at top firm.
  • Worked on open source (volunteer) programming for OWASP.
  • Interviewed with and then joined the security company of person supervising my OWASP work.
  • Moved back from Syracuse to New York City.
  • Met current girlfriend.
  • Company I was working for gets acquired by Big 4 professional services firm.
Randy Gingeleski in 2017
Syracuse, cubicle, miserable …
Randy Gingeleski in 2017
… New York, no cubicle, not miserable 😉


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  • Adapted to life at new employer post-acquisition.
  • Further honed skills in both application security and programming.
  • Solidified relationship with current girlfriend.
  • Close friend died unexpectedly.
Randy Gingeleski in 2018
Randy Gingeleski in 2018


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  • Solidified clout within day job, figured out what I find most fulfilling to work on, renegotiated compensation.
  • Ditched roommates for own apartment (had not been living alone since move back to New York City).
Randy Gingeleski in 2019


This decade captured my life from 15 to 25.

It’s quite fortunate that I got through many reckless events of my youth without more long-term harm. But going down that route, it’s also fortunate that I was born in the United States, with a stable family, so on and so forth.

In many ways I feel like I conquered myself, which is probably always a prerequisite to conquering the world.

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