Should you spend $6,000 on a chair?

by Randy Gingeleski

2 minutes to read

TL;DR don't spend $6,000 when $800 will do.

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My girlfriend is a dog sitter. A lot of her clients allow guests, and they’re also rich. So I’ve come across the actual Herman Miller Eames chair a number of times.

Eames real chair

It’s a comfy chair to read in. But it’s also $6,000 for the authentic product.

I like the look. I like the comfiness. However, I didn’t want to spend $6,000 on a chair.

It’s one of those things where it doesn’t matter how much money I have. In my mind, there’s a “reasonable” price for certain goods that I won’t exceed.

For a t-shirt that’s maybe $30.

For a chair it’s decidedly about $800.

As time goes on I will adjust for inflation but… you get the idea.

And a lot of people seem to think the same as I do about this Eames chair. There are a lot of knock-offs online.

After much searching on Amazon and reading reviews, I settled on this product. The reviews were decent. It met my $800 budget.

And now here it is in my apartment.

Eames replica chair

From hours sitting in the real Eames chair, and now hours spent sitting in this one, there’s no noticeable difference.

You’d have to look underneath the chair for any indication it’s not real. Or in my case, read the blog of the person whose apartment you’re visiting.

Don’t spend $6,000 on a chair when a sub-$800 chair will do.