About Randy Gingeleski

Here’s a bunch of context about me, which is always tough to write and define oneself with, but may be helpful to you.

My work for others is mainly “computer hacking” and application security. Most recently via senior security engineering posts for HBO Max then Block.one and Bullish. Before that, I spent some years as a traveling consultant, pen-testing to help Fortune 500s.

*See warandcode.com for my security thoughts.*

Besides breaking digital products, I’ve also built a lot of software under Kapotel. My blogs are part of that, plus some experiments in SaaS, e-commerce, etc.

None of the views expressed here necessarily reflect those of my business(es), employer(s), or clients. 😛

I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. Still spend a lot of time there but reside in South Florida. A third place you might find me is New York City, where much else of my life has taken place.

Randy Gingeleski in December 2020
December 2020

Away from the computer you tend to find me flying planes, reading (actual) books, or lifting weights.

Common themes on this blog are hacking and strategizing. These are strong personal instincts I’ve managed to channel into a career. 🙌

You might also read about philosophy, contingency planning, or imposing one’s will on the universe. You should do all of that.

This website was started in 2014. At that time I was 19, still in college, developing my sense of self and a Bitcoin casino. The oldest articles are still here.

Most years since then, an annual retrospective has been published here. These posts may be interesting to see how my life has changed. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020

By and large, over time I’ve improved my physical fitness, wealth, and professional accomplishments. My travel schedule has oscillated between extremes, as have my social and extended family lives. That’ll save you some reading.

Finally, note that my current blog does not have comments on it. This is by design. 🌝

I am not active on social media and sometimes call it “Mark Zuckerberg’s brainwash” or similar. Great platforms for business but also for stealing your attention.

For the sake of “claiming” my real social accounts, here they are —

The following platforms might see more use from me but are less social —

I am unlikely to respond to messages via any of those sites.

See this contact form to reach me.

Randy Gingeleski in May 2017
May 2017

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