The safe blockchain bet is yourself

by Randy Gingeleski

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Blockchain will change the world but you're the only guaranteed bet in the space.

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Re: Blockchain will change the world

This is a purely speculative post, I don’t hold any significance in the space at this time. Thoughts are my own and not my employer’s. Etcetera etcetera.

When I read Ashley Vance’s biography of Elon Musk, the whole Mars thing slapped me in the face. The colonization of Mars will significantly impact mankind. I wanted to be a part of that, work for SpaceX, leave my mark on the human race.

Later it became clearer my skills at that time didn’t match the company’s needs. I would watch, I’d cheer them on, but wasn’t prepared to participate.

Bitcoin is something I’ve been aware of for years…

Back on Hack Forums in 2011, I traded someone Paypal USD for Bitcoin. $11’s worth. I promptly sold it on Mt.Gox without understanding its weight.

From the archive of my old site, I wanted to build a Bitcoin casino in 2014. It never launched but that undertaking laid the foundation for my software development career.

Despite this flirtation I’ve only really read into and started understanding the blockchain “crypto” space within the last several months.

Now those engineer-a-Mars-colony feelings are back again.

The only sure bet in the “crypto” space is that blockchains will change our world for the better. The concept is here to stay and will explode in prevalence.

What’s the lowest risk investment to profit off the movement? Yourself.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies at the moment. Most of them will probably disappear within the next several years.

You can try to pick winners based on ecosystem and how many smart people are supporters.

Technology-wise I really like Ethereum with Streamr. There’s probably other accessory tech for ETH like Streamr, or will be. The Enterprise Ethereum Initiative is a huge plus.

However, Cardano looks good too. It’s a competitor.

There’s too much uncertainty to pick coins. Gambling - from someone who used to dream of casino management - makes me nauseous. The space is still too much like a horse race.

Learning about, researching, and doing open-source work related to blockchain will benefit your technical career. That seems low risk. This will all revolutionize business across the globe.

Picking horses? Risky.