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Patronizing online Ponzi schemes for fun and profit
Yesterday’s HYIPs, today’s meme coins and cryptocurrency nodes. Can you profit as a witting, active investor in Ponzi schemes?
• 10 min read
2021 in review
Annual recap of what happened in my personal life (2021 edition).
• 12 min read
Download your consciousness, live forever?
You can affordably download your brain into the cloud now to hopefully get it powered up later.
• 2 min read
Advice for high school programmers
If you’re ~14 to 18 years old, in American high school, here’s all the advice I have on programming and beyond.
• 15 min read
Migrating all analytics to Plausible across your websites
There are many ways to track your users online. They differ in fastness, niceness, ethics. Recently I migrated everything to Plausible.
• 2 min read
If prices are rising, buy in advance
I spent a lot on staple goods recently to get me through 2022. And also maybe +50% at minimal risk.
• 2 min read
Your daily games of chance
‘Thinking in bets’ without Annie Duke’s oft-recommended book that I’ve never read.
• 3 min read
NBA Top Shot profiteering reloaded
One month after my entry, the NBA Top Shot trading space is much different than it was before. Or maybe I’m different.
• 4 min read
Closest to the escalator
What should you do with ephemeral information and data you’ll never use again? Accept it.
• 8 min read