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Your daily games of chance
‘Thinking in bets’ without Annie Duke’s oft-recommended book that I’ve never read.
• 3 min read
NBA Top Shot profiteering reloaded
One month after my entry, the NBA Top Shot trading space is much different than it was before. Or maybe I’m different.
• 4 min read
Closest to the escalator
What should you do with ephemeral information and data you’ll never use again? Accept it.
• 8 min read
Flipping beauty products to Amazon FBA and eBay ain't easy
A cautionary tale about $700 in face massagers.
• 3 min read
Introduction to NBA Top Shot and NFT trading
NBA Top Shot is futuristic sports collecting, via non-fungible tokens (NFT). I don’t normally care about basketball but set out to profit.
• 10 min read
2020 in review
Annual recap of what happened in my personal life (2020 edition).
• 11 min read
Mimicking versus grappling
With any topic or learning goal, typically you start off “mimicking” and grow towards “grappling.” Let’s discuss.
• 3 min read
5 lessons from 5 years into a tech career
August 17, 2015 was the start of me getting W2’s for computer stuff. And it’s been an eventful ride in the 5 years since.
• 6 min read
Learning to be alone
After 4 months of constant company, even being by myself for one night felt foreign again.
• 2 min read