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State of the blog 2020
Recently I overhauled the underlying technology of this blog, which may be of interest to fellow engineers.
• 5 min read
Tripping on Futuremood "wearable drug" sunglasses
Thoughts after buying Futuremood sunglasses, which are billed as — and look like — “wearable drugs.”
• 5 min read
Why your GitHub sucks
After joining GitHub in 2013 and spending lots of time there, here are my opinions on effective projects and profiles.
• 6 min read
Everything is relative
Maybe happiness, sadness, and boredom are all just really relative. You can choose or focus on whatever you like.
• 4 min read
9 habits to thrive in uncertain times
In any uncertain life context, here are 9 positive habits you can control and focus on.
• 15 min read
ButcherBox is premium meat, corn-fed prices, and Amazon convenience
Virtually all the meat I consume at home comes from this service. It may be too good to be true, and go bankrupt. 🐷
• 4 min read
How to make money from your web host or domain registrar
If you’re a technical person, who you choose to support your websites’ resources could be lucrative. Or not.
• 3 min read
Buckle down and do the work
At some point you have to stop advice-seeking, “product hunting”, and traveling so you can just do the work.
• 3 min read
Spreading joy is your job
There are basically two parts to work — technical skills and “soft” skills. What matters may not be what you think.
• 5 min read