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Buckle down and do the work
At some point you have to stop advice-seeking, “product hunting”, and traveling so you can just do the work.
• 3 min read
Spreading joy is your job
There are basically two parts to work — technical skills and “soft” skills. What matters may not be what you think.
• 5 min read
On PredictIt as a neutral 2020 election news source
PredictIt is a market for “putting your money where your mouth is” about political events. And a great news source.
• 3 min read
Sportsbook bonus math for the Super Bowl = odds in your favor
I didn’t even know who was in today’s Super Bowl until going to the sportsbook, but thanks to bonuses, betting’s in my favor. 🏈
• 5 min read
How to become a good engineer using Google search
One thing I’ve consistently had to teach junior engineering staff is to search for stuff.
• 4 min read
As much anxiety as you want
Please stop with absolute statements about how bad the past year or decade were.
• 2 min read
2010 decade in review
Here’s the high-level story of my 2010-2019 decade.
• 3 min read
2019 in review
Annual recap of what happened in my personal life (2019 edition).
• 13 min read
The persistent, software-enabled recruiter
Persistent recruiters might just be software automation.
• 6 min read