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Why isn't your Venmo private?
If you use Venmo and your transactions are private, ignore. Otherwise read. ☠️
• 2 min read
Noise (or lack thereof) while working and living
Thoughts on mixing music or podcasts with work. And, more general ones regarding sound.
• 3 min read
Code Camp NYC 2019 recap
This was my third consecutive year attending the New York development conference and it did not disappoint. Here’s a recap. ⛺
• 3 min read
Thoughts on battling "deepfakes"
I’m no expert but don’t think a software/algorithmic arms race is the correct approach to thwarting “deepfakes.”
• 2 min read
Should you spend $6,000 on a chair?
TL;DR don’t spend $6,000 when $800 will do.
• 2 min read
How to talk effectively on the phone
Having effective audio-only conference calls is more nuanced than you may think. 📶
• 6 min read
"Awesome lists" actually suck
What I think is wrong with “awesome lists” and what to publish instead.
• 2 min read
Make your own mud drink (MUD/WTR) with this recipe
In my recent review of the “mud” (MUD/WTR) beverage, I alluded to reverse-engineering it. This is that recipe.
• 3 min read
2018 in review
In a very self-centric post, I recall my 2018 while trying to espouse decision-making wisdom.
• 8 min read