Buckle down and do the work

by Randy Gingeleski

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At some point you have to stop advice-seeking, "product hunting", and traveling so you can just do the work.

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If you spend all your time looking and consuming, when are you going to create? You should spend a lot more time doing (active) than watching or looking (passive).

It’s tough because watching The Profit is so much easier than building a business. Listening to Tim Ferriss “dissect the secrets of world-class performers and billionaires!” is much more pleasurable than forging yourself into a world-class performer or billionaire.

At some point you need to “buckle down and do the work”, as one might say.

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Why is Mark Cuban so calm?!? - CNBC

Same thing with Product Hunt. It’s a big platform for wantrepreneurs but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. It is big. When I eventually launch some SaaS business, odds are I’ll buy my way onto there.

Would it tickle my brain to actually participate in Product Hunt and become a “Product Hunter”? You bet. I’d get to look at new startups and SaaS concepts all day long. Leaving comments on them would make me feel like #hustle.

Eventually they might invite me to look for and recommend new things for the site. It’d save me that eventual $100 to someone off Fiverr to get my own business onto there. However, all the hours of my life wasted on participating in Product Hunt would also just delay the actualization of said business.

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To try and get my point across another way, certain members of my generation fetishize travel. “I ONLY FEEL ALIVE WHEN I AM TRAVELING THEN WORLD. #RATHERBETRAVELING”

Last year I spent like 90-something nights in Hilton hotels alone. Most of it wasn’t by choice, but the point is that I know what it’s like to travel a lot.

My mental and physical health take hits when I travel too often. I can’t keep up with my usual routines that move me forward in life. It’s more difficult to eat healthy and get quality workouts in, despite grand efforts.

“That’s different than leisure travel, Randy! My favorite Instagram influencers look like they’re having the time of their life as they travel the world.”

If that’s you, then one day when you stop fetishizing travel, do a lot of it, and get your home life established, I think you’ll see I’m right.

Not to even open the can of worms that is fellow young people compromising their financial health to support activities – travel, etc. – that’ll look good on social media…

Collage of travel, debt indicators, and Instagram jabs.

One of the problems I see with life in 2020 is that people don’t appreciate anything the way they’ve got it now and are always yearning after something else. That’s maybe a different theme than I started the post with… but not so much.

Now stop reading my blog and go create something.

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