Quicken your brain with Elevate

by Randy Gingeleski

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Introducing a sleek app I use for regular brain training. Become smart like me. 🤯

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In October 2016 I saw The Accountant movie with a friend. Driving home, all I could think about was Ben Affleck doing crazy mental math.

It was like a superpower. My mental math skills were decent but not on his level.

Now, the movie is fictional. The concept remains. I thought back to ads for Lumosity brain training.

The Accountant 2016

A movie motivated me to train my brain.

Before pulling the trigger on Lumosity, a Google search brought up Elevate brain training too. Unlike Lumosity it’s mobile-only software. It even won App of the Year from Apple in 2014.

After downloading I got hooked. The app is beautifully designed. The games feel like a real brain workout. The tracking and achievement systems are great.

I played Elevate for two hours that night after The Accountant.

Since then I’ve been a regular user - over a year and a half. There are both free and paid versions. I pay $8/month for Elevate Pro because it provides at least that much value.


The training definitely impacts real life. I race to subtract or divide in my head when faced with those situations. I compulsively eliminate unnecessary words from sentences. The Subtraction, Division, and Brevity games are behind this.

After recommending the app to my sister, she’s become a regular user too. Ashley’s even better about it than me with like a 40+ day streak. She only uses the free version but has the same positive feedback.

There’s no Elevate affiliate program that I know of. When I recommend you check out Elevate, it’s honest. The app gets almost daily use from me. My sister is better at streaks like I said.


Up your mental game. See if you can unseat my (presumed) global high scores in Brevity and Equivalence.

Try out the Elevate app here.

Happy training 💪