Make your own mud drink (MUD/WTR) with this recipe

by Randy Gingeleski

3 minutes to read

In my recent review of the "mud" (MUD/WTR) beverage, I alluded to reverse-engineering it. This is that recipe.

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My recent review of the “mud” (MUD/WTR) beverage can be found here.

Let’s get copying cooking.


Mud MUD/WTR DIY ingredients


When you first get the mushroom and chai powders, try to shake them up as best you can. I could definitely see those settling during shipping.

Then, get a 1 teaspoon-sized scoop handy for the mushroom powder. The chai comes with a 14 teaspoon scoop so you’re good there.

Heat up a mug of water. If you’re lazy like I can be, that’s 1:45 in the microwave on high. 😛

Add your mushrooms and chai to the hot water. Then pinch off your three spices in there. Optionally, add more cinnamon beyond what’s in the chai. I like mine a bit thicker and cinnamon-y.

Mud MUD/WTR DIY ingredients top

You’ll want to let this all steep 5+ minutes in my experience. I noted in my older review post that 2 minutes of steeping seemed like too little.

Before sipping, you’ll obviously want to stir this up. If you use a hot straw then that’s perfect to do it with.


Mud MUD/WTR DIY mug top

Cost comparison

Let’s break down the ingredients in our reverse-engineered recipe.

These are all available via Amazon with Prime shipping. Thus, prices shown are “landed” and total.

Buying the original MUD/WTR brand yields about a $2.00 cost per mug.

Totaling up the above, we can see the DIY cost is $0.57 for a nearly 75% savings.

(I didn’t count cinnamon because the amount used will vary and most people already have it at home. Maybe splurge for organic though.)


Thank you for making my original MUD/WTR review a popular post. The kind of people that might drink this in the morning are the kinds of readers I’d like to keep. Traffic from that post pushed me to do this sooner.

Like I said there, figuring out a DIY recipe wasn’t money-motivated. It’s part of the hacker mindset. Strong per-cup savings are a side effect.

Never stop experimenting or being curious. Now enjoy your mud. ☕

Mud MUD/WTR DIY mug self