What is the perfect casino?

by Randy Gingeleski

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Discussing the concept of a "perfect" casino and the means by which one might be possible.

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The perfect casino is always open. It never closes a table, it never has to tinker with a machine.

Anyone can reach it from anywhere without much of a commute. There’s no dress code - some guests even play at the tables naked.

The high rollers play next to the guys hustling with minimum bets. If you buy in with a feces-smeared $1 bill, your dealer smiles as big as the moon and wishes you good luck. Everyone is treated excellently.

No one minds if you drink, smoke, or even shoot up heroin while you’re playing. The drinkers, smokers, and drug users do not bother their fellow guests in any way. If you get trashed out of your mind, you won’t get kicked out or judged. As long as you can play you’re still doing fine.

The gaming floor has infinite square footage. The tables have unlimited seats. There are so many machines that everyone can always access the one they want. All of the games are organized so well that it’s a snap to find exactly what you want and sit down. No one is overwhelmed or intimidated. If you’ve never played before, the casino is more than happy to walk you through step-by-step. No inconvenience there.

Because there is unlimited space, the casino likes to try out new games. Some are wacky but it’s just part of catering to everyone and anyone.

There is no “eye in the sky” or security force. The casino staff is 100% trustworthy and the casino really believes in their guests. Still, neither one could pull something shady if they wanted to.

When you talk about the table games, you’re talking about the best dealers in the world. Each one is flawless to the extent that they don’t need a floor supervisor. In fact, there’s no pit boss or vice president of gaming either. The dealers love their jobs so much that they don’t accept or want tokes. This casino is where they thrive, where they’re meant to be. It makes them so happy being here and dealing that they never get tired or hungry or thirsty. They never take breaks or start drama with one another or convey any negativity to the guests.

The dealers shuffle so fast the process is done in the blink of an eye. They never have to turn the cards as part of the shuffle because every card has a perfect edge. They never have to riffle the cards before putting them into an auto-shuffler, because the guests trust them 100%. In fact, there is a process by which the guests can verify the fairness of the games. The casino welcomes them to do so.

When you talk about the machines, they never break. No one has to swap the cash box at a certain point in the night, the monitors never get kind of fuzzy or dim, and new paper never needs to be loaded in for the TITO process. You can find just about any paytable or game variant. Even Double Triple Bonus Threes Wild Joker Poker.

Some people walk away happy, some walk away sad. Some play for 36 hours straight and some just hop in for 5 minutes. Everyone, however, walks away knowing they got a fair chance.

In the physical world, it’s not possible to have a perfect casino. The i-gaming sector is the only place where a theoretically “perfect” operation can occur. This is, of course, speaking more from a house perspective… We all know that the players’ perfect casino is one where everyone wins on every hand. Every hand they’re dealt blackjack on Spanish 21 plus make the perfect match, playing table max on everything.

At Ging Gaming we’re in the process of developing an online casino. A “perfect” place to play, one that we hope will fully utilize the opportunities allowed by i-gaming that seem underutilized thus far.

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