Botting Scrabble Boggle for fame and fortune

by Randy Gingeleski

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I wrote a bot for the pay-to-play Flash game Scrabble Boggle.

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This is a followup to an earlier post about botting Flash games.

Arguably the easiest game to bot on WorldWinner / GSN Cash Games is called Scrabble Boggle.




This is a post about my bot to play this, showing off a demo video, a little bit about how it works, and what scores are believable for us humans.

And the title? I really might be famous in the WorldWinner risk department. They let me keep half my bot winnings ($60 🙂 ).

Video demo

What are human scores like?

My take - a good human score for this game is about 300.

With a Boggle solver open in another tab, you might be able to crack 900.

This bot I’m releasing can exceed 5000. I know, because I did it and got banned.




Keep it under 5000, guys.

How does the bot work?

Using image recognition - you’ll see a folder full of letter images - it figures out what letters are on your screen and where on the board they are.

The bot has a list of official Scrabble words. Using some recursion, it figures out every valid word that can be made on your board.

Finally, with a GUI automation library, it automatically enters the valid words for you. It will do this indefinitely until you move the mouse to the upper left corner of the screen.

(The Github repo has more technical details like the specific Python libraries, etc)

Can this make money?

As far as I know, this game is still up on WorldWinner. I’m of the opinion that they should remove this game from their site because of how easy it is to automate. You’ll see a lot of players with scores higher than those I described as being humanly possible above.

But until that happens - in theory you can go there right now and pit this bot against humans.

Cautionary closing

The Github repo has the code and some instructions on getting this to run.

I’ve mentioned this before - WorldWinner banned me for getting crazy with the bot. They really should remove this game and maybe this release will drive that.



WorldWinner ended up refunding me about half my account balance, which still resulted in some profit from the bot’s performance. This genuinely surprised me and I wouldn’t take that for granted. Assume no payouts if you get banned.

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