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10-year-old me, what can I say?
My first-grade teacher, who I remained close with throughout elementary school, added me on Facebook.
• 3 min read
2016 in review
Annual life status post covering 2016.
• 2 min read
The software interview breakup
Some three months ago I decided I wanted a new job, that I was going back to New York. And this time I was serious.
• 3 min read
2015 in review
My posting frequency here has slowed considerably, and some of my readers may be wondering what I’ve been up to.
• 7 min read
How I published 2 books at 14 years old
How I traditionally published two fiction novels at age 14, and how virtually anyone can do the same thing.
• 5 min read
Tips on turning 20 years old
Reflections on turning 20 years old before offering some advice to others.
• 3 min read