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Musings on 2022's paused student loans
If I still had student loans, here would be my financial course of action for 2022’s deferment period.nancial course of action.
• 5 min read
Advice for high school programmers
If you’re ~14 to 18 years old, in American high school, here’s all the advice I have on programming and beyond.
• 15 min read
5 lessons from 5 years into a tech career
August 17, 2015 was the start of me getting W2’s for computer stuff. And it’s been an eventful ride in the 5 years since.
• 6 min read
Spreading joy is your job
There are basically two parts to work — technical skills and “soft” skills. What matters may not be what you think.
• 5 min read
The persistent, software-enabled recruiter
Persistent recruiters might just be software automation.
• 6 min read
How much to go back to an office?
How much is the freedom of flexible work hours and location worth? Hmmm… a lot.
• 3 min read
Please drop your nonsense job requirements now
There’s an over-valuation in the technical job market on years of experience, degrees, bootcamps, and certifications. It’s hurting everybody. Not just my sister.
• 3 min read
Are all internships scams?
A brain dump of experience on internships, scams, and internship scams.
• 3 min read