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2022 Las Vegas skill gaming guide
Las Vegas electronic skill games seem much rarer in 2022 than in 2020.
• 3 min read
Insurance is gambling
I’m working in the insurance world now, and insurance isn’t so different from gaming.
• 2 min read
Comfort manipulation in online gaming
I’ve never been to a casino where the slots or tables are sitting on a hard surface. You probably haven’t either.
• 3 min read
Merits of TITO for table games
The upside of TITO for table games - how such a system pays for itself and leans gaming operations.
• 6 min read
An open letter about i-gaming
A manifesto of sorts, written about Ging Casino and i-gaming, plus a rant about competitor oneLive Inc.
• 4 min read
Transparency and honesty in the gaming industry
The “smoke and mirrors” that seem to dominate the gaming industry, before challenging casinos with actionable advice.
• 5 min read
Transcript of Steve Wynn on 'Uncommon Knowledge'
Full transcript of Steve Wynn’s interview with Stanford and the Hoover Institution’s ‘Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson’.
• 47 min read
What is the perfect casino?
Discussing the concept of a “perfect” casino and the means by which one might be possible.
• 4 min read