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Advice for high school programmers
If you’re ~14 to 18 years old, in American high school, here’s all the advice I have on programming and beyond.
• 15 min read
State of the blog 2020
Recently I overhauled the underlying technology of this blog, which may be of interest to fellow engineers.
• 5 min read
Why your GitHub sucks
After joining GitHub in 2013 and spending lots of time there, here are my opinions on effective projects and profiles.
• 6 min read
How to make money from your web host or domain registrar
If you’re a technical person, who you choose to support your websites’ resources could be lucrative. Or not.
• 3 min read
How to become a good engineer using Google search
One thing I’ve consistently had to teach junior engineering staff is to search for stuff.
• 4 min read
Code Camp NYC 2019 recap
This was my third consecutive year attending the New York development conference and it did not disappoint. Here’s a recap. ⛺
• 3 min read
Resurrect an offline blog with Python
Downloading an offline but cached blog with sitemap XML and Python. Try it for your lost blog(s). 🕵
• 2 min read