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Migrating all analytics to Plausible across your websites
There are many ways to track your users online. They differ in fastness, niceness, ethics. Recently I migrated everything to Plausible.
• 2 min read
Your daily games of chance
‘Thinking in bets’ without Annie Duke’s oft-recommended book that I’ve never read.
• 3 min read
Tripping on Futuremood "wearable drug" sunglasses
Thoughts after buying Futuremood sunglasses, which are billed as — and look like — “wearable drugs.”
• 5 min read
ButcherBox is premium meat, corn-fed prices, and Amazon convenience
Virtually all the meat I consume at home comes from this service. It may be too good to be true, and go bankrupt. 🐷
• 4 min read
On PredictIt as a neutral 2020 election news source
PredictIt is a market for “putting your money where your mouth is” about political events. And a great news source.
• 3 min read
Make your own mud drink (MUD/WTR) with this recipe
In my recent review of the “mud” (MUD/WTR) beverage, I alluded to reverse-engineering it. This is that recipe.
• 3 min read
Mud beats coffee for me (MUD/WTR review)
Here’s what I think of “mud” (sold as MUD/WTR) after a month of drinking in place of coffee.
• 5 min read
Zocdoc makes seeing a doctor so much easier
Recommending Zocdoc to make your life easier about basically anything medical.
• 2 min read
How to cut cable with Amazon Fire TV
After helping my parents cut Spectrum cable, here’s a guide how to do it. Centered around Amazon Fire TV.
• 8 min read