Zocdoc makes seeing a doctor so much easier

by Randy Gingeleski

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Recommending Zocdoc to make your life easier about basically anything medical.

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Back in 2015, just starting my “real” technical career, I had a phone call with Erik Bernhardsson. He emailed me about joining Better after seeing my Github.

While I did not join Better (Erik didn’t realize I was a bright-eyed 20-year-old) we did talk about the then-fledgling company. About how heavy the mortgage process was with paperwork. How inefficient.

Better was going to fix it - they had funding, then bought a traditional bank, prepped to streamline from there.

So… where does this tie in to doctor’s appointments? Well, Zocdoc probably adds more efficiency to people’s lives than Better. More medical appointments than mortgages I’m guessing.

Presentation at AWS Security Week 2018

This year a friend of mine became their head of appsec. So the company was fresh in my mind as I looked for a new primary physician. Then got a stye that wouldn’t go away.

(Also this put me entirely at-ease about their cybersecurity)


There is no affiliate link or incentive for me to promote the company. It just saved me a ton of time and made these relatively unenjoyable issues as pleasant as possible.

You just go on there, plug in what insurance program you have, what you want to see a doctor for, it detects your location (or takes your postal code), then you get a list of options.

My initial stye appointment I made for the very next day (< 24 hours). Then the app allowed me to fill out that paperwork you’d normally do in the waiting room. The result was that my overall time at the opthamologist was under 30 minutes.

Also note this was all with their web application. Just zocdoc.com - I really don’t like installing Android apps if it can be avoided.

My sister called me a Zocdoc shill for saying all this on the phone. I can live with that.

Check them out here if you want doctor and dentist visits to run more smoothly.